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Self-accomplished, determined, funny and multi-talented, there isn’t just one way to describe Houda. Her captivating voice is matched by her upbeat music and inspiring lyrics. Houda Idrissi is a Moroccan-American singer/songwriter and composer based in Durham, NC. Born and raised in Morocco, she relocated to the United States for education. She has been performing in those countries since the age of 14. Needless to say that Houda’s multicultural background has drawn her a lot of attention among fans. In fact, Houda speaks (and sings!) in 4 different languages and attracts fans from various parts of the world!
Houda Idrissi collaborated with various American and international artists namely famous French rapper Nikkfurrie from "La Caution" best known for their laser dance song; "The a la Menthe" in the OST Ocean's Twelve and photographer Keith Kapke, producer Ian Shreider, Rafa G, Mery B on her latest song “Control Me”, Rapper Demiah wells included in her song “Draggin’” on her latest album and currently collaborating with Reid Music on a Spanish single.
Her single “You Never Existed” was selected as the theme song of California based web series Miracle Mile Girls featured in the cover of The Hollywood Reporter for Cannes in May 2013 at the Festival de Cannes.  Her single “Knockout” was chosen to be the theme song for the California based, women owned charity: Knockouts for Girls.
Houda is the former lead singer of Alternative Rock band Negative I and was part of the release of its highly acclaimed 1st album “Reinvention” right after her single “Cold” as a solo artist in December 2010. She is currently getting ready to promote her latest solo album Never Forget released in 2018.



900 Park Offices Drive
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709



Saigon Grill & Bar

222 Glenwood Ave.  Raleigh



Central Park Tavern

704 Rigsbee Ave. Durham.NC

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